Passed 1st time
Driving lessons were very enjoyable with Paul. He ensured I felt at ease, helped me grow my confidence while driving and made sure I had a good understanding of all the techniques. Paul is very patient, so I never felt rushed. This meant I was able to pass the first time! I would highly recommend Paul to anyone looking for driving lessons.

Paul is a very competent and understanding instructor. I am not a naturally good driver and found many aspects difficult. However, the lesson structure enabled me to focus on my areas of weakness until I had mastered them. Thanks to this I was able to pass first time. Paul is always punctual and flexible with lesson slots, I would highly recommend him.

Having failed the practical test before leaving for university I was slightly nervous about returning and relearning how to drive, however with Paul it was a pleasure. The dynamic lesson plan really helped me focus on aspects I needed to work on and ended up passing with four minors - would definitely recommend!

Passed 1st time
Paul is the perfect driving instructor he is patient and friendly and immediately made me feel at ease. I would highly recommend him as a driving instructor. He explains everything clearly and is easy to talk to and get along with. If you have elements that you feel you are struggling with he will keep working on them until they are perfected.

The LDC book is very good as you can read in advance what you going to do in the next lesson and also go over elements you have already covered.

I passed my test first time and have to credit Paul on his teaching methods for my success and I would highly recommend him.

Simon MayfieldSimon Mayfield
I thought Paul was a brilliant instructor, who has the time to teach the clients the right way to drive, Was please with the service provided and would recommend Paul and LDC to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Beth BarracloughBeth Barraclough
Having had some driving tuition over the summer holidays at home, when it came to returning to university I was a bit daunted by the idea of swapping to another driving instructor and a different car. Paul was recommended to me by my housemate.

The structure he used for his lessons soon put me at ease, I found that he respected that I had had some lessons previously and pitched things at the correct level for me rather than starting from the beginning again.

In addition to this, having the LDC book was useful to look up things in between lessons and clarify topics I was unsure of.

I passed my test first time and I would happily recommend Paul to anyone who wants to learn to drive.

Jessica SturgessJessica Sturgess
Paul was the absolute best driving instructor I could've hoped for, he's a sociable and patient teacher (he needed to be) The book and DVD where a massive at home help that bridged the gap between lessons and helped me understand the theory behind what I was doing, I passed with no faults at all. I will recommend Paul every time.

Connor AlsopConnor Alsop
Paul is a very calm, patient instructor who teaches people to drive rather than to pass a test.

The structure of the lessons, especially using the book and DVD made revision straight forward in-between lessons.

I passed first time both the theory and practical with only four minors so can highly recommend Paul as an instructor,

Many thanks Paul!

Alison YoungAlison Young
I started my weekly lessons with Paul as a complete beginner but he soon put me at ease with his calm approach. He breaks everything down into manageable steps and is very patient when things don't quite go right the first (or fifth!) time.

Paul is always on time, if not early, and his in-depth knowledge means there will never be a question that he can't answer.

I found the LDC book and DVD really useful to help consolidate my learning between lessons, particularly as I was away from home and didn't have the opportunity to practice in my parents' car.

I passed with just two minors and would thoroughly recommend Paul as an instructor.

Will StoneWill Stone
Learning to drive was a great experience due to the friendliness and approachability of my instructor.

The books and DVD were very helpful, allowing me to prepare myself for lessons and the test whilst not even driving a car.

Thanks again Paul, I will certainly recommend you to anyone and everyone who wants to learn.

Denita AnnandDenita Annand
I started my weekly lessons with Paul from LDC after having had a bad experience with a previous instructor.

It really knocked my confidence in learning to drive, but when I started taking lessons with Paul, his relaxed, calm and patient manner helped me to regain my confidence and this has helped me pass with five minors on my very first attempt.

The LDC way of teaching I'd say is by far the best method used and the DVD has indeed been very helpful in my learning. I would recommend Paul to anyone wanting to learn to drive in a calm and friendly environment added by his in-depth knowledge on the tiniest details of successful driving.

Thanks a lot Paul.

Paul is an absolutely fantastic instructor and the car he uses is a pleasure to drive. I came to Paul a really nervous 35yr old; having taken 2 tests at 17 to no avail, With all the patience and support that Paul and the LDC system he uses provides I have managed to pass with ease, Five star Paul: - Thanks Again.

I could already drive a little but started my 90 minute lessons with Paul to get me up to test standard.

Paul is an all round great instructor, calm, patient and I found the LDC Dvd and Workbook system he uses to be easy to follow and a great reference to come back to if needed.

I Passed today 1st time with only 3 minors.

Paul was recommended to me from a friend, I took weekly lessons with him to fit around my college work and passed with just 1 minor.

Paul is a great instructor, I would recommend him to anyone.

Passed 1st time thanks to Paul, He is a great instructor, who is friendly, very patient, Easy to get on with and is always on time.

I would recommend Paul. Thanks again.

1st time thanks to Paul
Driving is a lot more difficult than I had 1st thought, but Paul has been every patient with me even when I didn't grasp things first time!

Paul is calm and always punctual, the DVD and Workbook system he uses makes learning easier and when completed before the lesson allows longer driving time.

The weekly lessons I took helped me around my other studies, and I am now looking forward to doing my pass plus with Paul too.

I have and would recommend Paul to anyone.

At 17 I had 14 hrs of lessons and was getting on well but I didn't like my instructor so I stopped. I dreaded every lesson.

After Uni my husband found Paul on the website and had to force me to retake lessons as I still hated it so much.

After my 1st Lesson with Paul it wasn't a hardship to do anymore, the driving was still daunting but he was understanding, patient and not over precious about his car as my 1st instructor had been. This made it a relaxed way of learning and I want to thank him very much, I passed with 1 minor. I would recommend him to anyone.

Paul is a fantastic instructor very patient, prompt and easy to get on with. You can have a laugh with him while still staying focused on learning. The LDC system that he uses makes the learning quicker and easier to grasp. I took weekly lessons with him and passed today with just 3 minors.

I would recommend him to anyone.

Driving lessons was part of my 17th Birthday present, my cousin had recommended Paul so I started my weekly lessons with him and I'm glad I did, Paul was always punctual and his patience and understanding got me through the many hurdles I had learning and I passed with just 7 minors which I think is pretty ok, thanks Paul.

I came to Paul with very low confidence having previously failed my driving test. Paul not only corrected and improved my driving errors, but also motivated and inspired me to enjoy driving again. There are some instructors who will teach you to pass your test and others that will teach you how to drive for life long purposes and Paul is one of them. He is calm, encouraging and an excellent instructor overall.

10/10 and no minors.

Thank you Paul for making me a safe driver.

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